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Mx Simulator Screenshot Tutorial

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This tutorial will teach you how to get the best looking screenshots and how to edit them in what I feel is the best/most efficient way. Step 1: The best thing to do is to go into your graphic card settings and max all the settings, Examples- AMD:   NVIDIA: Step 2: Open your Mx […]

Running a Linux Based VPS

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This is probably the hardest way to host a server for mxs, but it also gives you the most control.  A linux VPS is basically like having a virtual linux computer.  These servers do not come with any kind of desktop software, so unless you want to install a desktop and a remote desktop access […]

MX Sim Game Servers Information

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MX Sim Game Servers are by far the easiest way to manage your own server for MXS.  They will host the server for you and give you a control panel to easily manage the server from your web browser.  This type of server hosting is recommended for riders ranging from beginners to pros.  You can […]

MXS Modding Guide

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This is a new guide that has been created by Ramon Brand.  Right now it covers the beginnings of learning to model, but he has said he plans on updating it with more parts.  Here is the forum post so that links to updated parts can be found in case this article isn’t fully up-to-date.  Also, here […]

How To Do a Proper Gear .saf

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Hey guys, since there is lots of creators making gears, and some of them still didn’t figure out the right way to release them, I would like to show you a tutorial of a way I do it. Hopefully it will help you to saf things properly and you will be not getting problems with […]