Getting Started – Skinning

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Skinning is the term used in the community for making graphics/gear/helmets/wheels for use in-game.  The technical aspects of skinning can be very easy now thanks to the resources provided by people who have taken a lot of time to make them.  In the most basic form of skinning, templates are used to simply add graphics to a premade model.  A model in the MXS sense of the word is a 3-D replica of a real life object, such as a bike or helmet, that is used to replicate that same bike or helmet in-game.  These models are made in material editing programs such as Blender.  Modeling is considered to be an advanced topic, so that’s all to be said about it for now.  Now that you have a general idea of what skinning is, click on to the following sections to learn more about the different aspects of actually creating a skin.


Example of a bike skin:



*Thank you to for the templates database*