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Automatic Decal Placement Tools

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Hey guys! So I’ve been a while back I got kind of annoyed with the placing of decals over large areas, like doing a whole environment in grass. It’s especially 2 things that are annoying when decalling the environment. 1. It takes a lot of time. 2. It often overlays each other so you will […]

Rendering a Shadow Map

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OK. As there is only a select few people on this forum that know how to render shadows, I thought I would make an attempt at a tutorial on how to render them. It can get a little tedious depending on how your track is set up. It is pretty simple if you have all […]

Place Track Banners in Blender Tutorial

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Steps: (Correspond to images below) 1)Open Blender and import the terrain mesh.  This is kind of complicated.  I think Haggqvist documented it somewhere. 2)Go to top view (7 on numpad).  We’re going to use Z as up, and convert when we export the JM.  Add a bezier curve.  Extrude, scale, rotate as needed in EDIT MODE. […]