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Bike and Model Naming for Each Bike Year

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250sxf-skinname (09, 10, 11, 12?)   250sxfv2013-skinname (13)   350sxf-skinname (11)   350sxfv2013-skinname (13)   450sxf-skinname (11)   450sxfv2013-skinname (13) Honda: crf250-skinname (07, 08, 09)   crf250v2010-skinname (10, 11, 12, 13)   crf450-skinname (11, 13)   crf450v2013-skinname (13) Kawasaki: kx250f-skinname (07, 08, 09)   kx250fv2013-skinname (13)   kx450f-skinname (11, 13?) Suzuki: rmz250-skinname (07, 08, 09) […]

Skin and Model Naming

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SKIN/MODEL NAMING By DJ Skins/Models for bikes, riders, and helmets and wheels need special naming. In the following, XXXX is anything, but do not include any hyphens in this part. ZZZZ is anything. BIKES There are currently 8 different bikes. These are: yz250f, yz125, crf250, cr125, kx125, kx250f, rmz250, rm125 Any of these will be […]

Set the color of the Number for Each Skin

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To use the number coloring, add a png comment to your skin in this format: [numberforeground:<red>,<green>,<blue>][numberbackground:<red>,<green>,<blue>] As an example, if you wanted red numbers with green outlines you’d do this: [numberforeground:1.0,0.0,0.0][numberbackground:0.0,1.0,0.0]   If the colors come out inverted, you need to use a numbers.png with black numbers.