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Mx Simulator Screenshot Tutorial

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This tutorial will teach you how to get the best looking screenshots and how to edit them in what I feel is the best/most efficient way. Step 1: The best thing to do is to go into your graphic card settings and max all the settings, Examples- AMD:   NVIDIA: Step 2: Open your Mx […]

Rider Selection Tutorial for GIMP(2.8)

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Hey guys, well most of you know about my tutorial for photoshop (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10286), but some of you don’t have the possibility to use Photoshop and most common alternative is GIMP which is free to use. As I got few requests to show the same method in GIMP, here I will try to show you how […]

Fast Way to Select Rider in Photoshop

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Hey guys, I think I will share some of my tricks about picture editing with you. Hope it will help somebody  So one of the things that helps a lot for blurring the background without any problems with the rider like this  is to have the rider in a different layer. It means you need to select […]