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How To Do a Proper Gear .saf

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Hey guys, since there is lots of creators making gears, and some of them still didn’t figure out the right way to release them, I would like to show you a tutorial of a way I do it. Hopefully it will help you to saf things properly and you will be not getting problems with […]

Custom MipMapping

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Custom mipmapping can be useful for two reasons: 1) To make the texture look sharp at a distance 2) To prevent the alpha from bleeding in at a distance, causing the object to disappear. The thing is, manually placing the smaller mipmaps in photoshop is a pain in the ass. Luckily, if you have installed […]

Reduce File Sizes of Skins

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Hey guys, this is something that is bugging me for a long time already, so though i will write it here hoping some of you will take this advice. When you do a texture (“skin”) for any model in mxs (rider, track object, etc….including norm/spec maps) please make sure you save it in 8bit mode. […]